Self-isolating? Use decluttering to keep a positive mindset

If you find yourself social distancing or self isolating, whether through being told to do so, or through personal choice, first and foremost you need to look after your physical health needs and those of people around you.

However, according to MIND mental health charity, it is also important to find ways to spend your time that keep you in a positive mind set, not just in good physical health (read more here:

They suggest

  • Try having a clear out. You could sort through your possessions and put them away tidily, or have a spring clean.
  • You could also have a digital clear out. Delete any old files and apps you don’t use, upgrade your software, update all your passwords or clear out your inboxes.
  • Write letters or emails, or make phone calls with people you’ve been meaning to catch up with.
  • Do any admin tasks that you haven’t got around to, for example changing your energy provider.

Many of these are exactly the type of work that I normally help clients with (except the letter writing to old friends!) and I am still happy to work with people through Whatsapp / Skype/ Facebook Messenger to offer advice and support.

However, I thought I would also offer some practical tips for those who wanted to try decluttering but for whom it doesn’t always go well! How do you succeed?

Getting started with decluttering

I believe there are two key points: Make it achievable and make it fun!

1. Make it achievable

Decluttered laundry cupboard

Laundry Cupboard

Don’t tackle the whole house! Don’t even tackle the whole room! Break each room into small areas/ topics/ pieces of furniture and pick ONE that you can do in one or two hours maximum, without leaving it unfinished. I suggest you start with the easy wins eg one bookshelf, the linen cupboard, the saucepan cupboard, one particular toy cupboard. Be sure you have a workspace ready to spread out into eg double bed, dining room table, lounge or bedroom floor


  • Pull it ALL out – takes some workspace!
  • Sort it out – into groups of similar items
  • Chuck it out – declutter what you no longer need
  • Put it back – in a more organised way
  • Label it – so you can find it more easily

2. Make it fun

  • Do it with someone else in the house if you can (this helps to keep you motivated and gives you another opinion)
  • Listen to music if that helps you
  • Take before and after photos
  • Have a reward at the end even if it’s only a cup of tea and a biscuit and a pat on the back!

Good luck to you with whatever cupboard or drawer you choose to tackle. Do let me know in the comments section on my facebook page how you are getting on or any questions you have for me – I’m happy to help!

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