COVID-19 Compliance Policy – updated May 2022


Covid 19 risk assessment and procedures for Let’s Get Sorted! (updated May 2022)

Objective: To reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures.

I am particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 as I am on immunosuppressants and I reserve the right to decline work or leave a client session if I feel that I cannot guarantee a safe working environment for myself and/or my client.

I have, however, received four doses of Covid vaccine and have also had covid in March 2022.  I am happy to take a coronavirus lateral flow test before working with you if you request it, but I am no longer taking LFTs as a matter of routine.

If you have received at least two doses of Covid vaccine then I am happy to work without face coverings (unless you request that we wear them).

If you are NOT fully vaccinated then I would ask you to notify me of that fact and I request that we  both wear face coverings while working together.

I would also ask that:

  • you inform me in advance of the appointment if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or have tested positive
  • you inform me if you are feeling unwell/ raised temperature/ cold like symptoms
  • we keep working spaces well ventilated
  • we frequently wash hands or use hand sanitizer

In undertaking to work together you are confirming that you understand that the work is being undertaken at your request and that in the event of either party being diagnosed as being Covid 19 positive, that, provided both parties have adhered to the above guidelines, no liability will be accepted / assumed by either yourself, as client, or by Claire Lawrence.

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