About Claire Lawrence


About Claire

My name is Claire Lawrence (she/her) and I love to help other people feel more in control of their lives by decluttering and bringing order and organization into their homes. It gives me a genuine sense of achievement when a client feels they have things under control and are beginning to find their organizational ‘mojo’ once more.

It doesn’t matter whether this starts with a playroom, a filing cabinet, a bedroom or a loft; sometimes we all need help just to get started. An external pair of eyes, a different perspective, some new ideas and a willing pair of hands to work with you can be all it takes to get you back on track with the way you always intended your house to be.

Of course there are other times in life when even the most organized and systematic person can feel overwhelmed: when you are moving house, facing a divorce or losing a loved one. I can come in at these difficult times to support and work with you, making sure we get the essentials done in a timely manner and helping you meet the unavoidable deadlines that each of these traumatic situations can deal you.

I promise confidentiality, sensitivity, care and thoughtfulness, along with a good splash of fun and laughter and an enormous dose of satisfaction when the task is complete.

Deep down, most of us know we should be able to do it ourselves but sometimes a new perspective is exactly what is needed to get back on track to where you want to be. So, whatever your individual situation, see how we can help or just give me a call and, together, “Let’s Get Sorted”!

My Background

Prior to starting up my own business as a professional organizer, I have been a primary school teacher, a church trustee, a pantomime producer, a school PTA chairman, a preschool advisor, an educational book editor, and a mother and taxi driver to two teenagers. I’m also currently a school governor, church safeguarding officer and cat fosterer. The part I have enjoyed in each of these roles has been to bring order and system to the chaos that each one can be. I truly enjoy looking at problems from a different point of view and offering original and bespoke solutions for each situation. I’m also willing and able to get stuck in along side you and put those ideas into practice – no matter who you are or how you identify.