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When I was faced with the prospect of emptying my late Mother’s large house I didn’t know where to start – I already had a house full of things I wanted to keep and an attic that was overloaded.  Employing Claire to help me was one of the best things I ever did.  She is a wonderful facilitator.  After weighing up the situation and taking a careful look she knew just where to start.  She combines a clear headed warmth and empathy with a sense of humour and sheer practical good sense and good problem solving skills.  She has lots of experience and great ideas about better storage systems.     She excels in asking the right questions that help you make decisions about things you have been putting off for years and help you part with things you really don’t need.    She doesn’t waste time and after half a day of working together there is generally a feeling of a job well done or a task well started!   Now about 18 months later I have a highly organised attic and a greatly improved filing system, and can see a clear way ahead with other decluttering tasks and I feel so much better for it.  Thank you Claire!

Mary, Reading

I would highly recommend Claire. She is efficient, organised, sensitive and patient. I loved that she also had a great sense of humour. I was able to trust her really quickly. I had two pretty inaccessible rooms and was at a loss for where to start and couldn’t see a way forward. I couldn’t believe the progress after each session with Claire. She was able to see solutions where I couldn’t, order things, organise, help me get rid of things, find storage solutions and see ways to reconfigure rooms. Claire could see things differently and made suggestions I’d never considered! Surprisingly to me it felt really quite pain free. And now I have rooms I can access and use! I would definitely have Claire back for more decluttering!
Lois, Reading

Get over your self loathing and guilt that you should have done this yourself by now – call Claire – get it done together in a fraction of the time – and with your new found sense of peace – get on with the rest of your life!

Heather, Ascot

I ‘m so glad that I found Claire. She’s like a Mary Poppins for grown ups! I was in total chaos at home and she is certainly getting me sorted.
Claire has great organizational skills, which she can adapt to any area of one’s life.

She has helped me sort out my kitchen, living area and conservatory, as well as going through 15 years worth of paperwork. Also, she has set up my printer, iPad and keyboard which had been sitting there unopened, due to my technophobia!

Claire is kind, doesn’t judge and is empathetic to one’s circumstances. I feel totally at ease with her. Oh and she likes a good laugh!
If you feel everything is getting totally on top of you, I thoroughly recommend that you contact Claire. You will feel better after the first session!

Sarah, Slough

Claire took a disorganised and overloaded key cupboard and transformed it into a colour-coded and numbered system which is a joy to use. We gave Claire freedom to organise the cupboard in the best way she felt possible. Many of the keys were found to be obsolete and no longer required. Claire worked quickly and professionally and provided us with an efficient system which is easy for everyone to use.

Lesley, Church Office Manager, Woodley

I really didn’t know where to start when sorting out my loft, Claire came along and effortlessly sorted through a life time of stuff, organising, labelling, and arranging it all into order. Claire adopted a focused and pragmatic approach to the task. She is exceptionally well organised and completes the task in a business-like manner. She has an action-orientated attitude which allows her to complete the project to a high standard in a timely manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire to support you to get things done.

Ann, Hurst Pantomime Group

Discreet and sensitive and yet with an inbuilt ability to find solutions to problems and to bring order out of chaos whilst having fun working with you to fulfil each task presented to her. This is the wonderful Claire to whom I am so grateful.

Suzanne – mother of two and Director of Household Affairs (widowed, aged 46, in Nov 2014)

Thank you, Claire, so much for helping me. Our filing has stacked up for nearly 5 years. You have sorted, organised, and prioritised for me and even my husband is happy to file paper-work now! 

Thank you for taking the stress out of paper-work! 

Amy, Woodley

Having moved from my own flat back into my old bedroom at my parent’s house, I suddenly found myself with too many possessions, and a lack of motivation to sort through and organise everything. Claire helped me to rationalise what items to keep and offered constructive and creative solutions as to how to store and organise items using the space available.

Ever since, it has been far easier to locate what I need and my room has felt less cluttered, creating a nicer and much more relaxing environment for sleeping in. I’m happy to say that a month on, my bedroom is still clutter-free!

Amelia, Reading

Thank you so much for your help with the storage and space ideas. I am still loving the playroom set-up and it’s amazing that you have managed to create space for a piano whilst simultaneously tidying and displaying the toys in a much more accessible manner! I also feel that it is much easier to reclaim the playroom as a dining room by pulling out the table and just having the toys at one end. It was a big hit with the children, especially the new craft area and toddler toybox.

I loved the photos of the types of storage ideas you shared in your report. I also really appreciated the practical moving of furniture so that it was a complete task before the kids were back – all very inspiring!

Joelle, Twyford